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Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) Reporting

Local Decisions on SMC Advice 
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Palliative Care Guidelines Guide to Antibiotic Use
Safe & Secure Handling of Medicines Minor Ailments Service
Specialist Formulary Lists Formulary Application

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Prescribing of Non-Formulary Medicines (inc PACS Tier 1 & 2)

Prescribing of Non-Formulary Medicines
(inc PACS Tier 1 & 2) Policy

Request to Prescribe a Non-Formulary Medicine

PACS Tier Two Application Form (Category 3 Only)

PACS Tier Two Patient Information Leaflet

Guidance for Prescribing

Oral Nutritional Supplements (ONS) Formulary

Stoma Accessory Formulary

Wound Management Formulary

User Guides

App User Guide

Tayside Area Formulary User Guide


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